Registration for Online Fall/Spring Semesters
September 12, 2020 - June 13, 2021

Celebrating 25 years, our motto is "We Transform Youth into Stars" and our purpose is to do just that. We take any dancer ages 3-adult and give them rigorous certified training in our accelerated training system that has landed our students scholarships for major institutions and professional jobs on Broadway and major dance companies.

Online Private Coaching Classes
All Ages

Twinkle Star Group Classes
Ages 3-5

Contemporary Ballet, Hip Hop, Horton, Acrobatic Jazz
& UDA Stretch Technique

Classes are charged per session
$25 for 30 min session


$50 for 1 hour session



Twinkle Star Group Classes, Ages 3-5
Saturdays 12pm-1:30pm

Classes are charged monthly
One-time $25 registration fee
$100 monthly

Transformation Trainees Classes, Juniors Ages 6-9 and Teens Ages 10-19
Acrobatic Jazz, Contemporary Ballet, Hip Hop, Horton & UDA Stretch Technique

UDA Stretch Technique & Horton
5:00pm-5:30pm Jr. UDA Stretch Technique
5:30pm-6:30pm Jr. Horton
6:30pm-7:00pm Teen UDA Stretch Technique
7:00pm-8:00pm Teen Hip Hop

UDA Stretch Technique & Hip Hop
6:30pm-7:00pm All UDA Stretch Technique
7:00pm-8:00pm All Hip Hop

UDA Stretch Technique, Contemporary
Ballet, &
Acrobatic Jazz
9:15-9:45am Jr. UDA Stretch Technique
9:45-11:00am Jr. Contemporary Ballet
11:00am- 12:00pm Jr. Acrobatic Jazz
1:30pm-2:00pm Teen UDA Stretch Technique
2:00pm-2:45pm Teen Contemporary Ballet
2:45pm- 4:00pm Teen Acrobatic Jazz

Unlimited Class Access - Best Offer!
Access to all UDA Classes Total of 24 hours of dance per month $225 monthly rate
Select by the Day
Wednesday Horton & UDA Stretch Technique 1.5 hours per class
(~4 classes per month)
$100 monthly rate
Thursday Hip Hop & UDA Stretch Technique 1.5 hours
(~4 classes per month)
$100 monthly rate
Saturday Acrobatic Jazz, Contemporary Ballet & UDA Stretch Technique 3 hours
(~4 classes per month)
$150 monthly rate
Select by the Class
Wednesday UDA Stretch Technique ONLY
Thursday UDA Stretch Technique ONLY
Saturday UDA Stretch Technique ONLY
30 minutes per class
(~4 classes per month)
$50 monthly rate
Wednesday Horton ONLY 1 hour per class
(~4 classes per month)
$90 monthly rate
Thursday Hip Hop ONLY 1 hour per class
(~4 classes per month)
$90 monthly rate
Saturday Acrobatic Jazz 1 hour
(~4 classes per month)
$90 monthly rate
Saturday Contemporary Ballet 45 minutes
(~4 classes per month)
$85 monthly rate

We have 5 programs to choose from:
All tuition includes tickets to participate in our end of semester performances

  1. UDA Recreational - allows students aged 6-19 to experience the transformative power of dance.
  2. Twinkle Star - Our Certified Preschool program for ages 3-5.  Students learn a combination class consisting of Ballet, Tap, Creative Jazz and Acrobatic Tumbling.
  3. Transformation Trainee - a predetermined curriculum which requires a minimum number of weekly classes in all courses offered.
  4. Transformation Academy - pre-professional level dance classes for students that are serious about training. This program produces classically trained dancers who are empowered to secure admission into middle, high school, and college dance programs. The contracted program is a commitment for all year-round training, exams,  and outside performance opportunities with our Dance Company (UDC).
  5. Private Classes - UDA offers customized remote sessions for children and adults with one-on-one training from our faculty in all the courses we offer.

Course Offerings:

  • UDA Stretch Technique - a uniquely crafted Course that combines various floor techniques with extreme strengthening and contortion-based stretching.
  • Contemporary Ballet - consists of learning the traditional barre, refining alignment terminology focus on extensions jumps turns that enables comprehension of other dance styles
  • Acrobatic Jazz - combination of percussive and lyrical contemporary movements combined with light tumbling and majorette movement to dynamic music
  • Hip Hop - street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music
  • Twinkle Star - an age specific 1 hour class containing ballet, tap, and jazz creative movement and Acrobatic Arts Certified Tumbling.  The use of fun, age appropriate music is incorporated
  • Horton - a modern dance form created by Lester Horton most famously seen in the choreography used at Alvin Ailey School and Company
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UDA has a required uniform that can be purchased here in the Uptown Dance Academy Online Dance Supply Store and delivered to you.

Hanami Ballet Shoes should be purchased at #2037W. Please select tights and shoes that fit your child's skin tone.

With this button you can pay for multiple classes, Family plans, Productions, and any other UDA related items in any denomination of your choice. You will also have the option of setting up recurring payments.

No refunds. No price adjustments for missed lessons. Make-up lessons are available.